Search Engine Optimization

 What is SEO?

Increase visibility on search engines through Google compliance and website optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation is about optimising your web pages according to Google Compliance, best practices and excellent user experience to ensure optimal rankings, target traffic and higher conversions from search engine traffic.

Your website is your biggest marketing asset; therefore you need to ensure that it remains healthy, compliant and visible, and that it is also optimised for maximum visibility and conversion.

SEO is an ongoing process and NOT an event. YBO can assist you with an easy SEO package option which can include the important component of content creation.

YBO creates all websites utilising the basics detailed below. Clients whom engage our monthly SEO services benefit from the monthly SEO reviews and audits, which include all the functions detailed below as well as the monthly functions detailed in the SEO package tables.


The 5 Basics of SEO are:


1. How to figure out what your customers are searching for

2. How to optimize your web pages for your target keywords

3. How to make sure your website is accessible to both search engines and humans

4. How to get other websites to link to your site

5. How to start measuring your SEO success

The actual techniques used entail:


What your customers are actually searching for.
  • Figuring out the most popular way people search for your business
  • Understanding other ways people may be searching for the same thing
  • Delving deeper into the more granular searches your customers are making
  • Finding popular and engaging topics in your field
  • Expanding your keyword list by looking literally anywhere else
  • Understanding the metrics behind the keywords you’re targeting


Creating pages optimized for search
  • Creating content that aligns with ‘search intent’
  • Using short, descriptive URLs
  • Creating compelling meta titles and descriptions
  • Using headers and subheaders to create a logical structure
  • Optimizing your images
  • Setting up Schema


Making sure your website is accessible to both search engines and humans
  • Making sure your website loads fast
  • Making sure your website is mobile‐friendly
  • Installing an SSL certificate
  • Creating and submitting a sitemap
  • Uploading a robots.txt file
  • Internally link between relevant posts and pages


How to get other websites to link to your site
  • Creating fresh relevant content on a regular basis
  • Syndicating content
  • Share your original content on social media for more exposure
  • Outbound linking to boost confidence and add authority to your website


How to start measuring your SEO success
  • Measure organic traffic
  • Track your rankings

Each Package below includes:

a free set with our Website Design and Build Packages


Free Setup includes:

  • Install Yoast
  • Setup & Install Analytics
  • Page content optimized
  • Image Optimization
  • Meta Data Optimization

** Existing websites will require a quote which will be dependent on Number of Pages and Posts as well as the image inventory numbers and condition.

SEO Package monthly activities include:

choose your plan

Only Available with Website & E-commerce development & hosting  packages

Monthly Management includes:

Yoast Monitoring & Health checks

Webmaster tool monitoring

Google Analytics analysis & monitoring

Sitemap submission 

Meta data reviews & edits

Readibilty Review

Focus keyword review 

Content production (300-400 word articles)

Social Media Article syndication onto Social Media



6 per annum


12 per annum


24 per annum