Amazon Store Product Selection

Product Selection is the core element in launching an Amazon Store. YBO uses AMZ scout, in conjunction with a home grown methodology to find and filter products.

Our methodology AVOIDS the following products, for reasons that should be obvious.

 Products Avoided

  • Bulky ( Shipping, Pick & Pack and Storage Fees)
  • Seasonal ( Seasonal sales make inventory management difficult)
  • Electronic/Mechanic ( Not interested in products that have a high risk of breakage)
  • Category Restrictions ( Not interested in going through approval processes)

We Finding Products Ideas

Using  AMZ Scout

  • Amazon Best seller lists
  • Ebay
  • Etsy

We use the following Product Selection Criteria

  • Margin after FBA – Close to 50%
  • Price Between $15-$25
  • Sales volume at position 1 > 500
  • Sales volumes at position 20  > 200

We Confirm demand by ensuring :

  • Longtail Keyword Volume > 10 000
  • Short Keyword Volume > 300 000
Amazon Store Product Selection

We then dig into the potential suppliers at Alibaba to confirm:

  • Product Availability
  • Price @ Alibaba
  • Alibaba Dimensions – FBA confirmation
  • Alibaba Weight – FBA Confirmation
  • Estimated Shipping from China to USA

‘Suspect’ Products are then fed onto the clients website using a feeder software

  • Clients are registered as affiliates at Amazon and all ‘suspect’ products are linked to clients affiliate code
  • Website is populated ion website.

Preparation of data for the next step

  • “Suspect” products are then listed on a spread-sheet which summarizes the financial information compiled above
  • “Suspect” products are then classified as prospects if they remain on the spread-sheet.

Sample of Prospect Product Shortlist


YBO Resources

Next Step – Making the products your own

  • Branding
  • Creating an online presence outside of Amazon
  • Customising you selected product