Making Product your own

Creating a brand, extending your online presence and customizing the product are the 3 primary components in making the product your own.


Your brand has been created so that your business can focus on a wide variety of products within the chosen niche, as opposed to a brand focused on a specific product. Buying a pre-made website from YBO has many advantages and gets you off the starting block quickly:


All Amazon stores provided by YBO are built on ‘pre-owned’ aged and spam free domains. The domains all have a inventory of healthy backlinks and are strongly associated with the focus niche. We only secure the best domains available on the used market, This assists in getting a presence online to capture the ‘free’ traffic sources available from the Search Engines.

Sample domains used

Once the domain is acquired, the logo’s are commissioned

Sample Amazon website logo’s


Website Development

The website is then built using the following Tools

  • WordPress
  • Divi framework
  • Woocommerce eCommerce
  • Spreadr product feed

We ensure that the website is built :

  • With SEO best practices
  • UI best practices

Your website contains an inventory of all the products that have met the production selection criteria

Depending on clients requirements, the online presence is then expanded into the required social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram