Final Product Selection

Amazon Product Selection – Step 3 – Finalise costings

We now in the final stages of Supplier selection and firming up the numbers. Just to recap:

1., Your website contains ALL the products that have successfully run through the Product Selection Criteria

2. A spread sheet was sent to you – called xxxxx Product Shortlist.xls – Which contains all of the data pertaining to selling prices, FBA costs, Net Profit, Margins and ROI 

3. The results of this round will be used to confirm that those numbers are 100% correct – which should lead to a decision to proceed or decline the product under investigation 

In this 3rd step of product selection we will confirming:

  1. Dimensions and weight – impacts on 3 areas of our initial theoretical calculation, namely:
    • Shipping Cost to USA
    • Pick & Pack costs
    • Storage
  2. Price per Unit
  3. Volume Price points
  4. Payment methods 

Based on the shortlist of top suppliers that passed the responsiveness test in Step 2, we now send off a second mail requesting the data and information required in order to complete Step 3

Mail 2 – Request for final costing, payment methods

Mail 2 – request for final costing

Spread-Sheet to tabulate results – move applicable costing across from “Tabulate Mail 1 results.xls”

Final costings from chosen suppliers

Once these results are tabulated, another step is required. In order to be thorough, we confirm the FBA costs against what is published in the Amazon guidelines pertaining to:

Once these numbers are confirmed, it is now time to revert back to the original xxxxx Product Shortlist.xls spread-sheet and confirm that the number highlighted in yellow are 100% correct

Make the decision and PULL THE TRIGGER

Next Step – Launching your Amazon Store

  1. Finalise Payoneer Account
  2. Register as Amazon seller
  3. Finalise Amazon documentstion
  4. Place order on Supplier

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