Supplier Selection

Supplier Selection

Having successfully :

  1. Selected numerous products that passed the product selection criteria
  2. Established a brand
  3. Created a support website
  4. Implemented a product feed into the website featuring the selected products
  5. Registered as an Amazon affiliate
  6. Studied the product shortlist spread-sheet containing the first products for investigation

It is now time to select the first product to launch in your Amazon store by completing the supplier selection process. Part of selecting the preferred supplier also entails firming up the ‘theoretical’ numbers that populate the Product Shortlist spread-sheet and ensuring that the numbers derived from the product selection process are accurate.

Step 1

Pre-evaluate the list of potential suppliers so that the approach is done only to the most credible and trustworthy (according to the Alibaba rating system) by ranking them, through a weighting system on the key metrics, namely:

  1. Years in business
  2. Trade Assurance
  3. Gold Supplier Status
  4. Assessed Status
  5. Verified Status
  6. Supplier Online Index Rating
  7. Response Rate 

Step 2

Approach the top 5 to 10 of the top-rated suppliers from the Step 1  process with an initial approach of determining if you can build a relationship by:

  1. Evaluating responsiveness
  2. Evaluating level of English
  3. Evaluating whether they are prepared to go the extra mile
  4. Getting Initial pricing
  5. High level shipping costs
  6. Communicating customizations (if Applicable) cost of customisation.
  7. Costs pertaining to prototype shipment 

Step 3

Approach the top 3- 5 suppliers that best meet the selection criteria, to start confirming the theoretical numbers and calculations pertaining to:

  1. Dimensions and weight – impacts on 3 areas of our initial theoretical calculation, namely:
    • Shipping Cost to USA
    • Pick & Pack costs 
    • Storage
  2. Price per Unit
  3. Volume Price points
  4. Payment methods